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3D Printing of Endovascular Stents as Cardiovascular Medical Devices


Project Title3D Printing of Endovascular Stents as Cardiovascular Medical Devices
Track Code2015-058
Short Description

Novel method for using biomaterial ink (BInkTM) to rapidly produce patient-specific endovascular stents using projection microstereolithography

#materials #biomedical #cardiology #therapeutic #drugdelivery


Northwestern scientists have developed a method for 3D printing of endovascular stents as cardiovascular medical devices that are biodegradable and act as drug-eluting stents. Biodegradable endovascular stents have been found to be more beneficial to patients suffering from cardiovascular disease than bare metal stents, as they allow for eventual recurrence of normal vasomotion. Prof. Ameer and colleagues have designed and optimized a biodegradable polymer for compatibility with a rapid 3D printing method that is integrated with computed-assisted design software. Using this approach, scientists are able to manufacture custom-made stents with high precision (7 μm resolution), while reducing production time. Furthermore, stents produced in this fashion can be loaded with drugs to facilitate slow release from the stent bulk, as opposed to from the stent surface. This novel technology has the potential to improve mechanical compliance of endovascular stents to blood vessels, resolving an unmet need in the field of cardiology. Finally, this manufacturing method can also be applied to production of other biomedical implants.

Tagscardiology, MATERIALS: biomedical, THERAPEUTICS: drug delivery
Posted DateJun 12, 2015 4:43 PM


Jian Yang

Evan Baker

Henry Oliver Tenadooah Ware

Fan Zhou

Cheng Sun

Guillermo Ameer*


  • 3D printed biomedical implants
  • Drug delivery
  • In vivo sensing platform


  • Rapid production
  • Customizable
  • Biodegradable


IP Status

Provisional patent application has been filed.

Contact Information

Dimitra Georganopoulou, PhD

Invention Manager

(p) 847.467.3095